Sunday, November 4, 2007

Alfred Steiglitz

This was the climax of the photography assignments. The assignment was to find a popular artist (photographer) and learn the best parts of their techniques, then try to mimic them. The photographer that I attempted to imitate was Alfred Steiglitz. He was revolutionary in the movement of photography in the early 1900's. He had a way of showing the ordinary life of New York City, while bringing in the importance of lighting and geometry. He could also bring in the mood of the photo by showing the snow, the breath of the horse, or by the business of the immigrants coming into New York. While in Amsterdam, my attempt to mimic the techniques of Alfred Steiglitz wanted to show the importance of everyday, ordinary events in life as he did. I also emphasised the way that he took the photo, in matching the sepia or the black and white tones used, the grainy texture on the photograph, and the geometry within the photo. Only in one of the photograph sets did I mimic the actual subject (horse and buggy) but the others were imitation through his style not the subject matter itself.

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