Sunday, November 4, 2007

Colors & Textures

Here in Genova we are not only learning architecture but also have other classes that we are taking. The class which involves this assignment is our field studies class in which we are learning the finer details of photography and drawing. In the top photograph collage, the assignment was to focus our attention on the brilliant and beautiful colors around us when we went to the coastal city of Camogli. I found the turquoise on an awning, the red painted on the outside of a building and the orange on a fixture hanging in a doorway. The focus was to allow us to understand how color can affect the emphasis or interest of a photo. The second part to this project was to see texture in the same focused way. So when we took a trip to Cinque Terre we were to find textures and see how the texture could be affected not only by light, but in some circumstances water. For instance, the bottom photo collage is showing different textures. The picture with the pink sea weed is changed not only by the light but also by the way the water is shifting above it. The rock surface and the pine needles on the pine tree are only captured by the best focus on the camera and in the best light. These aspects of color and texture were then applied to other projects within our class to bring together the big picture of the different layers that are important to make a good photograph.

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