Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bieu Brewery

Hidden in Genova's Port is an amazing brewery and restaurant. The restaurant brews its own beers, with a specialty in a spicy amber beer. This restaurant is wonderful not only for its beer, but also in the local entertainment that they bring in. The night that two Italian friends, Claudia and myself went, we listened to a decent local band, had a 3 liter tap brought to our table and the four of us chowed down on some amazing food! The food that we ordered (and comes highly recommended) is the meat platter, as well as the chicken stuffed and rolled with bacon on the outside...DELICIOUS!! You can locate this place by looking at the map provided. Once in the port you will pass IL Bigo and head for the dance clubs, pass by them and a sushi restaurant on your right and it will be on your right. Check it out...

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