Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I learned something...

Some of you may already know that we had a photography assignment to mimic a certain photographer. Mine was Olivo Barbieri. Although he has a range of subjects, his recent works have been taken from airplanes, with a tilt-shift lens, to make a commentary about the urban plan of the place. The images often tend to look as though he took a picture of a model, essentially the city as a representation of itself. I was most anxious about attempting this technique, due both to my lack of a private airplane, as well as a tilt-shift lens. But I think this one came out better than I expected, and I learned a new photoshop technique.
To Do:
1) Play with the saturation, hue, and contrast of the original photo to brighten it up and create more depth
2) Create a duplicate layer from the background layer
3) Use the lens blur filter to blur the background copy. Experiment with the settings to blur the right amount
4) Use the eraser tool in a large brush, set to low opacity and intensity > I set both to somewhere in the teens and
go over the area you wish to be in focus multiple times, so that you can gradiate the blur
6) Voila! Uou have it!
PS > Mine is the one on the right.

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Anonymous said...

Good job! Your techinque worked. My first thought when I saw it was that it was a model....then I read your comments.