Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sweet Music to my Ears

Jazz Club Ferrara
Ferrara, Italia

After a stressed out week of preparing for mid terms a few of us decided to take a much needed break on our first night of our Veneto tour and relax to some music at a local jazz club. Ferrara is definitely on my top 10 list of places to be after our experience there, bike riding around the city, and meeting some other college students. The jazz club had a very mellow and friendly environment. We had to pay a simple 10 euro fee at the door for seats. The jazz club has a really neat location, along the city fortification wall at one of the entrances in a rounded off part.

There are two floors with plenty of seating to see any performance. I suggest you get there early if you would like to arrange good seating. Both floors have bars. Downstairs there is a projection screen so that the audience can still view the band/artist playing and a restaurant if you desire to dine with your music. The interior is completely made up of musical objects. For instance the beer tap is in the form of a saxophone. The toilet has a set of piano keys on top of it.

We were fortunate enough to get an ample amount of good seating, as well as hear Mike Melillo (piano), Massimo Morioni (basso), and Giampaolo Ascolese (batteria), a group that seemed like they had been playing for years together with their wide range of talents. If you would like to know more visit or email

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interesting space. great photos.