Sunday, October 28, 2007

Remembering 9/11 in Italy

Memoria e Luce
Padova, Italia

While wandering in Padova, I stumbled upon a memorial to September 11th. Designed by Studio Libeskind (New York) in collaboration with Terragni Studio (Milano), the memorial lies along the main street - Corso Garibaldi, and is nestled beautifully with the landscape of the city.

The memorial was built around the idea of a structural beam salvaged from the aftermath of the twin towers collapsing. The beam was given from the state department of the U.S. to the Veneto region, and dedicated on September 11th, 2005.

Here are some interesting quotes I found engraved on part of the memorial wall.
“Citizens I used to be a steel beam in the twin towers but in Kentucky there was Abraham Lincoln’s poor house. U.S.’s 16th president, he fought for the elimination of slavery. A few day before being killed by a fanatic, during his inauguration speech for his second mandate, he stated: “I continue the work that has been started, without any hate towards anybody and with charity for all.”
“The morning light shall get along with us till the night comes, on the mountains crest and on the sea rivers.” – Mario Rigoni Stern

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