Thursday, October 11, 2007

Open Air School

Our Modern Italian Architecture lecture class requires the graduate students to complete a 10 page study comparing 2 buildings, one from northern europe, and one from the south (Italy). So I took our trip to Amsterdam to do some research my northern building, the Open Air School by Jan Duiker. The school is located in H.P. Berlage's plan for the expansion of the city, south of the historic center. The concept was to create a school that could take full advantage of natural light, accomplished by an open plan encased in glass. Each classroom is surrounded on 3 sides by views of neighboring apartments and the playground. The rotated structure creates a dynamic space and allows for a small cantilever to place window shades. The first renovation was done in 1955, and a second is scheduled for 2008, depending on how the budget works out for the next school year.

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