Sunday, October 7, 2007

One World

Hans Eijkelboom exhibit in Foam Museum

Close up of Eijkelboom's Photography

In Amsterdam I visited the Foam Photography Museum. They host different exhibitions for different amounts of time. For example, this exhibit is shown from the 31st of August to the 21st of October. Personally, I think this should be a permanent exhibit. The photographer, Hans Eijkelboom, spent 15 years collaborating this exhibit! He chose three cities to focus on while taking his 'photo notes': Paris, New York, and Shanghai. Eijkelboom carefully chose to do these cities because each one has been at one time cities of innovation (Paris: 19th century, New York: 20th century, Shanghai: 21st century). He would take between one and eighty photos five times a week! He would wander among the streets of these cities and whenever he saw a reoccuring theme he would photograph these themes. For example, in the picture above the theme is fashion trends in Paris, New York, and Shanghai (from top to bottom). There were also pictures of taxi's, homeless people, women carrying Louis Vuitton bags, men in striped polos, and many more. As a viewer, I was able to realize that inspite of different cultures and locations, each city was amazingly similiar! We are all part of one world, the world which forms who we are as individuals.

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Anonymous said...

very good about amsterdam.
it made me feel like i went my self.