Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cruel Bonsai!

Cruel Bonsai Exhibit at the Stedelijk Museum

While in Amsterdam, I visited the Stedelijk Museum for contemporary art. I was really intrigued by several pieces titled "Cruel Bonsai". Not only are these pieces fun to look at, but the process is quite incredible. The pieces are primarily inspired by nature in all its capricious irregularities. The medium for the art work can vary from unidentifiable materials to malleable materials with a smooth glazed finish. These sculptures are really fascinating because of the process that is done to achieve this "controlled chaos". First, these sculptures require two artists. The product is that of revolving interaction between the two artists, hence the name "controlled chaos". Neither artists is aware of what the other artist intends to do. Nature is always interacting with numerous elements without planned actions. The artists, Heringa and Van Kalsbeek, capture the true essence of nature in their pieces. I was fascinated at how the art was achieved and how beautiful it turned out. I recommend any one to expose themselves to the mesmerizing power of the Cruel Bonsai!


Anonymous said...

good work on this issue

Anonymous said...

These sculptures are very beautiful and architectural.

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