Friday, October 5, 2007

Green Architecture!

Finally some architecture I can get really excited about!
Don't get me wrong. I have learned a ton and all of the architecture we've gotten to see and experience has been truly remarkable. But this building, well it's a Landscape Architect's dream!
The Mercator Sportplaza, a landscaped pool-complex in Amsterdam, was designed by Tom Venhoeven of Venhoeven CS in 2006. The inside of the complex includes: several in- and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, fitness, sun studio, restaurant and bar but the real gem lies on the exterior. The outside fa├žade of the building is covered by a green carpet of vegetation and allows the growth of 50 different types of plants which change with the seasons. An automatic feeding and irrigation system was incorporated into the design and regulates conditions to the greenscape and green roof. Go green!

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