Friday, October 5, 2007

Efficient Water Use

There are many classroom buildings on the campus of Utrecht University. The Minnaertgebouw building, built by Neutelings Riedijk in 1997, has a special feature in its main lobby. Here there is a large collection pool of water. This innovative building collects rain water runoff from the roof and tunnels into the lobby. The water enters the pool through large ceiling slits, and is collected in bowls. The run over from the bowls fills the pool. This does not just serve as an art installation, the water is pumped into cooling tanks and is used to heat and cool the building. It is said that the heat is only turned on this building once a year after the Christmas break.

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Anonymous said...

the word "gebouw"actually means building, so what you photographed is called "De Minnaert gebouw" or "The Minnaert building" (my favorite in the Uithof)