Saturday, September 1, 2007

What would we do without Silvia?

This is the story of some lost luggage that had quite an adventure getting to Privata Piaggio 14. The luggage started out in Charlotte NC and traveled uneventfully to Philadelphia, where the owner of this luggage missed their flight. The owner was rerouted to Rome and then Genoa, but after much deliberation decided to miss the ten hour layover in Rome and fly into Milan after Rome. Well, the owner and the luggage arrived safely in Rome the following morning, and then the owner traveled onto Milan three hours later. The snag here was that our luggage failed to make an appearance in the Milan airport baggage claim. Well, the owner traveled onto Genoa without incident praying that the luggage would be found. Three days later and no word. The owner sprang into action, and quickly representatives from Airitalia the world over were on our case. Silvia, the director at the Villa, was the hero of this story. She promptly took control of the incident, and the luggage was found. With Airitalia blaming USAir for the holdup and USAir blaming Airitalia… the luggage finally made it to our happy owner at 8 pm on the 29 of August.

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