Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ascensore: 0,70 euro, per favore

One of the greatest things about Genova is the extensive and inexpensive public transportation system. It’s feasible to live in Genova and never use a car. Unfortunately, these mobile conveniences are hardly ever free. The ascensore (Italian for elevator) is a particularly delightful convenience to those of us from America. It is an elevator that goes from one street to the one above it. Yes, Genova is that steep. For a poor college student 0,70 euro is a lot to pay. Some students, who will remain nameless, have begun seeking their thrills by sneaking onto the ascensore and dodging any officials who may check for a ticket. For visitors: while this may seem exciting to some thrill seekers, take caution and approach the ascensore with nonchalance and enjoy the ride.

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