Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ancioe Belle, Donne

The Front of the Restaurant

Trunks of the tree located near the base

Tree interlaced among metal framing above eating area

After settling into the Villa, a few of us went downtown for supper. We chose to dine at a restaurant that Professor Stefano Fera had recommended the previous day. The restaurant was call Ancioe Belle, Donne and is located on Salita Di S. Gerolamo. The restaurant has an amazing environment. As you walk in, you enter a beautifully decorated indoor dining area. The restaurant also features an outdoor dining area situated on a rooftop that overlooks Galleria Gluseppe Garibaldi. We chose to dine outdoors under an enchanting tree. The tree was naturally interlaced among a metal frame providing a romantic shaded area for the customers. The tree had obviously been there for many years. The name of the restaurant was also very interesting. Ancioe Belle, Donne is a Genovese dialect that translates into "anchovies, beautiful ladies!" It is said that when the fisherman would arrive at the port, men would go around with a basket of anchovies shouting this phrase so that the ladies would come and buy anchovies. This was truly an amazing experience; we had exceptional food, service, and a little history--what more could you ask for!!

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