Thursday, August 30, 2007

Care to STEP up?

Genoa, Italy

One of the first characteristics noticed about Genoa is its steep slope and mountainous urban conditions. Part of everyday life here for the students staying in the Villa is not only site seeing or participating in the classes, but also getting the essential calisthenics workout. Although many dread it at first, it has been said to have effective results for former students. Personally, I would compare climbing these steps to walking up a flight of stairs in a steep light house. If your intention on a study abroad expedition is to relax, I suggest going elsewhere. However if you’re looking for adventure among a city with multiple levels of architectural history built on top of one another and a good work out, then Genoa is the place for you. So if you come to Genoa, make the best out of the rugged terrain and learn to embrace it rather than dreading it!

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