Friday, August 31, 2007

Opera in Genova

Teatro Carlo Felice
Piazza dei Ferrari
Genova, Italy

While in Genova, if you’re looking for a delightful evening of Opera, check out Teatro Carlo Felice. The theatre hosts cultural events and also provides enjoyment of musical instruments ranging from violins, oboes, trombones, trumpets, to harps. If you think opera is just for older folks, there is also a concert season held at the theatre just for young people. And if nothing else, the opera house serves as a great symbol in one of the main piazzas of Genova and is sure to have a dramatic effect on the viewer with its interior. Designed by Aldo Rossi as the largest opera house in Italy, the theatre serves as a link between Galleria Mazzini and Piazza dei Ferrari. Its location is in the center of the city, which separates the Medieval and Modern parts of Genova. For a look at information on future theatre showings and events, go to

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