Monday, March 26, 2007

Nice Gardens (Nice, France)

While exploring the city of Nice, one should set aside an evening to wander down the Promenade des Anglais towards the old city. Where the bay begins to curve back out to sea, you'll come upon the Chateau which you can climb (or take the ever-so-convenient "ascencore") to a look-out terrace from which you can see the entire city. This spot is especially nice at sunset (but be warned the park closes around 6:20pm). For a landmark to stairs leading up to the Chateau, locate the Hotel De Suisse.

As you make your way down the Promenade towards the Chateau, it is easy to be tempted into the strip of gardens with vibrant African Daisies, snap dragons, pansies blooming even in early March. The parks also have numerous water features and sculptural elements which are incorporated into the vegetation. Especially distracting within the Jardin Albert is a massive and very well lit (slightly out of place) Ferris Wheel. Keep wandering and you will eventually find the famous flowers of the Cours Saleya. There you can purchase anything from roses and lilies, to daisies and sunflowers...there were also glass and wooden flowers for a longer lasting souvenir.

Sarah Wade

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