Monday, March 26, 2007

Cloister at San Zeno Maggiore

To the north of San Bernardino in Verona, Italy is a beautiful romanesque basilica church by the name of San Zeno Maggiore. This church is from the 11th-12th century, and features not only a beautiful romanesque interior but also a really elegant cloister on its north side. We have seen several cloisters during our travels, but this cloister has been my personal favorite so far; it has a beautiful courtyard space surrounded by an ambulatory which features an interesting and beautiful array of double-columns. This cloister allowed retreat for us on the cold, rainy day that we visited it, and the play of the sunlight and shadows in the space and on the columns made the space particulary spectacular. Although this cloister may not be as well known as several of the ones we have already experienced, to me it is by far the most beautiful.

Janis Fowler

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