Sunday, February 18, 2007

Monterosso al Mare: Cinque Terre's Resort Town

One of the most well known coastal areas in Europe, Cinque Terre consists of a charming sequence of five small villages that provide visitors and residents a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea. When journeying from the east to west along this coast in Italy, Monterosso al Mare is the last village of the chain. While each village possesses unique characteristics, Monterosso is best known as the resort town that mostly caters to tourists during the summer months. The reason for the abundance of visitors to this site is attributed to the expansive sand beaches, quaint shops and restaurants, and breathtaking landscapes of the encompassing mountain side. Although I visited Monterosso in the winter, the beauty of the area can be appreciated year round. Once the temperature rises, one can really start enjoying the sunny sands of Monterosso. After soaking in the rays, the well manicured boardwalk leads you on a more treacherous yet exhilarating hike through the neighboring vineyards of the next village, Vernazza.
- Patrick Lee
Location: La Spezia, Italy
Place: Monterosso al Mare

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