Friday, November 16, 2007

Would you like to know more about Cinque Terre?

As you have probably read, Cinque Terre is the collective name for a chain of five small villages perched on the edge of the Italian Riviera about an hour east of Genova. The towns are linked to Genova and La Spezia by train and (if you are up for a challenge) has a very nice walking trail that runs along the coastline. Starting on the east side of the trail, going west, the first part of the trail is paved and wide enough for wheelchairs. This part of the path is geared toward people and kids who want to see the ocean from the path and enjoy its romantic vistas without having had previous mountain climbing experience. The rest of the path is quite exhausting as the trail winds up and down the steep coastline for approximately 9km. If you do get exhausted you can stop along the trail at each town and rest enjoying the view, charm, and food of these quaint villages.

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