Thursday, November 1, 2007

Exploring with Photography

Camogli Color Assignment
Camogli, Italia

In my explorations amongst the colorful city of Camogli, I decided to focus on one color, a rough looking yellow that I felt was vibrant and crucial to part of Camogli’s vibrant fa├žade. I looked for this color along the beach and while hiking to San Fruttuoso.

Cinque Terre Texture Assignment
Cinque Terre, Italia

We were told to photograph textures while journeying through the five towns of Cinque Terre and then narrow them down to 5 textures.

Pisa Extreme Vantage Point Assignment
Pisa, Italia

I decided to post 2 pictures of extreme vantage points. The photograph on the left shows the overall picture including the baptistery, the duomo, and the leaning tower. The picture on the right shows the 5 degree angle separation of the leaning tower to a 90 degree angle object, giving great composition to the picture.

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