Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day Trip Photography

Cinque Terre is not only beautiful but full of interesting textures. The first is railing that was once painted a brilliant shade of blue, but is now rusting through. One can see the layers of paint and years of being exposed to the weather. I thought it was an interesting contrast between the dark maroon color of of the rust and the bright blue. Next I took a close up of this tree that was on the edge of a cliff. Take notice of the cracks and how it looks as if you could peel it from the tree trunk. I thought that the beauty in the trees details paralleled its surroundings. The next image is of the side of a building taken from below. The angle emphasizes the peeling stucco against the stone behind. The following picture is of the powdered sugar that was on a cake that I bought. This texture contrasts with all of the other textures I saw because of its fluffy, soft appearance. Finally, I ran across this peach pit waiting on the train. It is kind of gross but look at the detail of the holes in the pit, its hair, and juices.

Everyone has seen the traditional images of Pisa- a tourist with a large grin attempting to hold up the tower. The objective of this picture was to capture Pisa in a unique angle. By putting my camera on the ground, I was able to capture the Baptistry against the lush green grass and the blue sky. It was important for me to show the grass because of the impact it has on the buildings of Pisa. The stark white of the Cathedral, Tower, and Baptistry wouldn't be as brilliant without the vivid green of the grass.

Camogli is a seaside village full of color. So what is more appropriate then colorful images relating to the water. The first is the tip of a red boat that was parked on the beach. The dark gray of the rocks makes the red really pop. The next is a right blue beach chair that caught my eye. You can even see the difference in texture between the canvas and the chipped paint of the wood. The next images is a buoy afloat in the water. I thought it was nice how the sun was reflecting on the orange ball and also how the ball reflected onto the water. The next is a bright yellow marker in the water, followed by another buoy attached to a white boat. Notice how the sun changes the shade of orange. It is light on the top where the sun is hitting it and darker on the bottom. Also the sun created a perfect shadow on the boat, changing the shades of white.

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