Thursday, October 4, 2007

Old People's Housing

An inherent problem with a large city is the ongoing need for more housing. Netherland architects are finding creative ways to solve the dilemma. WoZoCo (Elderly People’s Housing) is a development in a space in Amsterdam threatened by increasing high density of inhabitants. The site was laden with heavy zoning restrictions that allowed for only 87 of the 100 planned units. The zoning regarding adequate day lighting in each apartment forced the architects to create a more creative space. The result is a startling and simple gesture. The remaining units were sliced off the top of the plan and cantilevered off the side of the building. These boxes are structurally supported deep within the original building while seeming to ‘float’ off the north fa├žade. WoZoCo is a prime example of progressive and practical development of young Dutch architects.

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