Friday, October 5, 2007

A Black Library?

Exterior of Utrecht University

Interior of Utrecht University Library

Bird's Eye View of Colorful Books

I know what you might be thinking, a black library? How could this ever work? Wouldn’t it be too dark to study? Isn’t black depressing? The answer to all of these question is an outstanding no. Utrecht University’s Library disproves all prior misconceptions about a black library. This library built by Wiel Arets in 2004, has a fa├žade of black panels and frosted black glass. The black panels correspond to the spaces where books are archived and the glass reflects the study spaces. On the inside of this multilevel building, the black panels are repeated as wall treatments and the ceilings are painted black. The bookcases are also solid black. All of this black is done to be a back drop for the books and the people. The books colorful binding pops against their black casing. The light gray painted floor and black surroundings make the students the visible and architectural element.

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