Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ethiopian Cuisine

While in Amsterdam our studio was studying the amazing architecture of the city during the day, and exploring the cultural intrigues of the city at night. One of our evenings out, a small group of students, with Ron and Virginia, decided that we would try something new. Ethiopian cuisine struck our fancy and we decided to explore new flavors and experiences.

The meal began with the decision of drinks. New experiences and flavors were what we were after so Tracey and I decided to take a chance on some Ethiopian beer. I ordered the Quinua Beer (a wheat type flavor), and the Palmnut Beer. Tracey decided to go a little sweeter with her choice and chose the Banana Beer. The other choice that was not attempted was the Coconut Beer (another sweet beer). The winner of the beers ended up being the Palmnut Beer. The neat thing about how they serve the beer is that they give you a wooden bowl and a round woven coaster to drink the beer out of. It doesn't hurt or help the flavor, but it is quite amusing to drink out of…. I suggest it for anyone who likes beer and trying new things.

The meal arrived, covered by a woven top, in the shape of a sombrero. The food was served in two large platters. It was communal style in that everyone ate from the same dish. We ordered many vegetables and meat dishes which were mixed into small portions on the platter. The bread, which was served with the meal, was flat and yeast-less with a sort of spongy texture. In order to eat this meal you take the bread and tear it into small pieces and scoop the food with your bread. It is a great finger-food type of meal, no utensils and a lot of fun!

To finish off the meal there was a great Ethiopian coffee that was served. It was served but needed to sit for 3 minutes before it was able to be enjoyed. The coffee had a bowl of incense which was placed next to the pot, bringing the smoke everywhere. As the coffee was ready, we poured and enjoyed…watch out at the end there are some grounds on the bottom of the pot.

Ethiopian food is amazing, and a great experience…just remember to wash your hands before you eat, and open up your mind to great new flavors and experiences!

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Claudia said...

That dinner really was good. So many different little piles to choose from. And that coffee! When I talk about Amsterdam and lust, I am talking about coffee.