Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our little patch of Green

Fish Pond

Our little patch of green beside the villa is a little piece of heaven amidst the dense urban fabric of Genova. Whether it's to catch up on readings or to relax with an espresso, there are many nooks and isolated places to find and curl up in. For the readers who have never been to the Villa, the garden is actually on two different levels and stretches from the villa to the sharp bend in the road. Large bushes, shading trees and dynamic levels encourages the imagination to run wild. My personal favorite part of the garden is the pond that little fish and a turtle call home. Although there is no impressive waterfall or fountain to make noise, it is just as moving as an experience as any large fountain in Rome because of the quaintness and stillness it presents. The villa garden is an important part of life at the Villa and deserves recognition.

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