Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Fat One

Bologna! Throughout Italy, the city has earned the nickname of La Grassa, the fat one. Rightfully so as Bologna is nestled in the Emilia-Romagna region of Rome and is known for its food. This area happens to have many special foods to its credit; lasagna, tortellini, Parmigiano-Reggiano and meat.

A stroll down the Bolognese market certainly had my eyes wide. There were stores with glistening piles of sea life, drums of Parmesan cheese and fresh vegetables. I captured this moment with these charming meringue shells. I liked the cake-like ones but also have a special appreciation for the disks that resemble cow pies.

According to ever reliable online translators, the handwritten sign reads, "You put to use with ice cream, strawberries, or fruit salad. It's your dessert..."

Eating in Bologna was splendid. Virginia and I went on a special mission for tortellini. We were granted a table in a packed restaurant with pristine table settings. She ordered a hot baked dish with tortelloni and melted cheese . I was a little full to start so I had precious little chicken tortellini in a delicious broth. It wasn't until the food was gone that we realized the error of our ways. We had completely forgotten to photo-document the majesty. Sounds like an excuse to revisit Bologna.

As for the fat one at the villa...all fingers point to that Genovese culprit Focaccia.

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