Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Charm of Sketching

Blake sketching San Lorenzo

Our first sketching assignment has caused most of the students in the villa much distress. Most feel unarmed with the skills or natural talents to draw successfully. The assignment is to complete a facade study of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo or the Cathedral of Gesu. Both cathedrals have equal complexity and detail so students are torn between the two. However, once one is chosen, students are immediately taking into the charm and atmosphere of each cathedral’s piazza and the people that pass through. Frequently there are musicians performing to provide a relaxing background. There are always people taking pictures of the Cathedral, and more often than not, students sketching find themselves included in them. Even better is when a person peers over the students shoulder to view the sketch, always with a pleased nod. However, sometimes the complements are verbal and are not always understood.

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Claudia said...

Who is that mysterious unidentified girl in the background? And where did she get such fashions?!