Friday, April 20, 2007

Circluation at OMA's Educatorium

While Mandy has posted previously about the Educatorium building, which was designed by OMA and is located in the Netherlands on the Utrecht University, campus, I wanted to focus on the unique circulation of the building and how it compares to that of OMA's Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam. At best, the entry and exit scheme of the Kunsthal is a miserable failure, with the main entry and exit confined to a tiny portal crammed with confused museum-goers. Apparently, the architects never anticipated an exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs and the crowds of pre-adolescent youths (with parents in tow) that it would attract.

In a similar way, the Educatorium seeks to guide entry and exit through it design, but whereas the Kunsthal just results in a mess, the flow of students into and out of this building creates a visible and audible sense of life and vitality without the giant traffic jam.

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Clint what happened to the "good" video of this??