Thursday, April 19, 2007

PalmenGarten, Frankfurt Germany

PalmenGarten is in Frankurt, Germany. It is one of the best botanical gardens in the world. It originated in 1869 as a civic foundation on the basis of the famous collection of plants assembled by Duke Adolf von Nassau and was laid out in 1872-74 by the landscape artist Heinrich Siesmayer. It was subsequently expanded several times, and the green oasis in the heart of the metropolis of Frankfurt is now a 54-acre park. The park has seven greenhouses containing tropical plants. There is an extensive Rosengarten (rose garden). To the left of the park there is a large pond where visitors can rent row boats for a liesurely scene. Connecting to the pond is a grotto on which is an impressive collection of ornamental trees and wildflower species growing around the paths and the rocks. The park is avaliable for viewing by visitors and can be rented for receptions and ceremonies.

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