Friday, April 20, 2007

Guinness Storehouse Tour

The Guinness Brewery and Storehouse are located in Dublin, Ireland. The Storehouse, originally built in 1904 to house the Guinness fermentation process, was designed in the style of the Chicago school of architecture. The Storehouse closed in 1988 and reopened in 2000 as the Storehouse Tour. Before entering, the building doesn't look like anything special, but when you walk it, you are confronted with a seven floor atrium shaped like a giant pint glass (which would hold about 14.3 million pints of Guinness). The start of the tour brings you to a large exhibit containing the ingredients of Guinness beer; water, barley, hopps, and yeast. each ingredient is fully described and is physically represented in its display. There is a large indoor waterfall when you walk through the water display, and there is barley covering the floor of the barley display. After the ingredients, you are led into the steps of the brewing process. The last step is tasting where you will sample the Guinness. After this, there are displays on advertising and some other interesting Guinness facts. The best part of the tour comes last. This is when you ride up to the seventh floor Gravity bar to receive your free pint of Guinness. The Gravity bar gives you a 360 degree view overlooking Dublin. The whole tour and experience takes about 2 hours and is well worth the visit!
Mandy Hayden

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