Monday, April 30, 2007

DZ Bank Haus, Frank Gehry, Berlin, Germany

Gehry's DZ Bank Building is one of the most recent and most unconventional addition to Berlin's Pariser Platz, loacated adjacently to the city's Brandenburg Gate on the front facaded and facing the Berlin's Jewish Memorial on the back facade. The facade has a vertical piller structure, staggered rooftop, and even window placement much like the rest of Pariser Platz. The atrium includes an impressive solid asymmetrical glass contruction faced with a red wood. Most impressive; however, is Gehry's sculptural cladded organic opening at the far end of the atrium which is a major conference room. This building's pretty amazing but you can't get any more of glimpse than what I have given you there as the builidng is off limits to non-employees.

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