Friday, April 20, 2007

Arcotel Velvet Berlin

Arcotel Velvet
Oranienburger Strasse 52

Just a couple of stops on the S-Bahn from Unter den Linden, the Arcotel (MAP) is a great place to stay in Berlin. I had a room on the second floor, overlooking all the activity of the street below. With the windows closed, you couldn't hear any of the noise from the traffic and surrounding bars at night. The end wall is completely glass with several fabric panels you can use to manipulate views. From the outside, you see an ever changing collage of fabric.

From the Arcotel website:

"In one of the most vibrant areas of Berlin-Mitte, where creativity, culture and art come together, and hidden behind a high-tech glass fa├žade, nestles a warm and cosy hotel. 85 rooms and suites in a unique style and design – clear, distinctive and uncomplicated."

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