Sunday, March 25, 2007

Peggy Guggenheim Museum - Garden Art

Situated directly on one of the major canals of Venice, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum boasts a comprehensive collection of 20th century art. Among the various pieces of artwork, one can find great examples of major modern movements from European artists such as Picasso, Duchamp, Kupka, Mondrian, and Dali. Her display of American artwork, mostly produced by Pollock, adds to the importance of this broad collection. Although cameras are not allowed inside the museum, an interesting garden remains outside. The Nasher Sculpture Garden provides an external presentation of modern art. Included in this exterior display are metallic shaped animals, a space altering glass prism, and an electronically simulated waterfall. All of these sculptures add visual interest to the traditional facades of Peggy Guggenheim’s Palace, which houses the works of art. After viewing the intriguing outdoor sculpture, be sure to also pay a visit to the grave marker of her multiple canine companions.
Patrick Lee

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