Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Basilica of Saint Anthony

The Basilica of Saint Anthony is the largest church in Padua, Italy. Located in the Piazza del Santo, the church catches the spectator’s eye with its domes and majestic brick façade. The church was begun in 1238 and completed in 1310. Saint Anthony had originally been buried in the small church of Santa Maria Mater Domini. This church was integrated into the present basilica as the Cappella della Madonna Mora or the Chapel of the Dark Madonna. The Basilica does not have a specific architectural style and has grown under many different influences. It was begun in the Romanesque style as a single-naved church with an apsidal chancel, broad transepts, and two square nave bays roofed with several domes. Later, the aisles were added in the Gothic style. In 1691 the Treasury Chapel was added in the Baroque style by Filippo Parodi. The domes were raised in height, which gives a Byzantine appearance to the building. The interior of the church contains several funerary monuments including the tomb of Gattamelata and his son. The church also contains several different images of the Madonna.

Amy Altman

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