Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Casa Cogollo (Palladio's House)

This house was built between 1560 and 1570 and it is assumed that Palladio, the designer, lived here. He designed this small building, the home of a notary, endowing it with all the elegance of the large and much more important houses he built for Venetian patricians. On the ground floor, the facade opens with a serliana framed by two Ionic columns. The two windows and the two grooved pilasters on the piano nobile provide a frame for a section of wall which, along with the second floor attic, was decorated with frescos, now lost, by Giovanni Antonio Fasolo. I was able to go inside the building which includes an open courtyard with a well. The building is currently filled with residents and an architecture firm.

Architect: Andrea Palladio
Brian Williford

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