Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Carlo Scarpa - Olivetti showroom

The restructuring of the Olivetti Showroom by Carlo Scarpa was a typically beautiful rendtition of the overtly complex and dynamic theoretical underpinnings of his philosophical principles. The use of abstractly colored mosiac tiles by region of the showroom are just one example. Another elegant solution seen in the first picture of the "floating" staircase that conjures up references of Frank Lloyd Wright in their horizontality and materiality. The excrutiating attention to detail is portrayed through a sample window frame in the second and an open column connection exposing a work in the lower floor in the third picture. Finally, the fourth picture brings to light the early play with modern thinking espoused in the play of materiality and modern aesthetic from an exterior that is situated within a "purely" homogenous setting of San Marco Piazza in Venice.

-nic fonner

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