Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Biodome: Genoa, Italy

The Biodome in Genoa's Porto Antico is a part of Renzo Piano's plan to revitalize and re-develop the port of the city. The structure is situated next to the aquarium and holds a variety of 'creatures' such as butterflies and small birds, as well as several types of tropical vegetation. The panels forming the glass bubble are connected with spider glass and minimal yet visible bands of steel that wrap the globe. The Biodome sits completely on the water and is only accessible via a metal grating walkway that closes after 5:30 pm. Sitting in the midst of yachts and ships, the Biodome should seem out of place with its extremely futuristic language, and while it is an intriguing surprise in the midst of such a historic city, the atrium somehow fits into the port's fabric.
Sarah Wade

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