Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Village of Vernazza in Cinque Terre

Some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen thus far in Italy has been in Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre is made up of five coastal villages in the province of La Spezia. Ranging from the small fishing village to the large resort village, the villages of Cinque Terre attract many visitors from all over Europe. The towns are connected by trains, foot paths, and even a ferry service each giving the visitor a new way to view the surrounding scenery. After a steep climb through olive orchards and vineyards from Monterosso, one comes across the smaller village of Vernazza. I found Vernazza to be quite quaint and simple. There is no car traffic in Vernazza and it remains one of the truest fishing villages on the Italian Riviera. Filled with simple block houses and narrow streets, Vernazza is the perfect getaway for one seeking to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of large Italian cities.
Location: La Spezia, Italy (Cinque Terre Region)
Name: Vernazza, Italy
Fishing Village
Amy Altman

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