Monday, February 5, 2007

Rome's Ancient Colosseum

One of the most recoginized monuments on the globe, the Colosseum of Rome currently stands in a deteriorated state of existence. Located in close proximity to the ruins of the Roman Forum, this massive structure was completed under the rule of Titus during the year of 80 AD. For 500 years after the completion of this amphitheater, up to 50,000 spectators were entertained by gladitorial combats and other public events. After hundreds of years of severe weather, multiple earthquakes, and displacement of material due to stone-robbers, the Colosseum we see today only slightly resembles the grandness of its original stance in Rome. Despite the damage of the architectural marvel, walking through the amphitheater is certainly a memorable experience. Pondering the lives lost and the screaming crowds of years past, one can place themselves in the ancient times of the Roman Empire. Included in the journey through the this great entertainment structure are fasinating pieces of artwork. Additionally, the three classical orders of the columns on the exterior of the Colosseum should not be overlooked when visiting this extraordinary landmark.

Patrick Lee

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