Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Santa Maria Delle Grazie

The Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie was built between 1465 and 1482 and was designed by Guiniforte Solari. The church is an example of the transition stage between Gothic and Renaissance. After 1490, however, Duke Ludovico Sforza called the greatest artists to come in and redesign some aspects of the church. Bramante built a new apse for the church, which replaced Solari’s presbytery. Da Vinci was commissioned to paint the Last Supper (which can still be viewed there today). Cristoforo Solari was ordered to design the cover for the sepulchre. The Duke made all these changes because he wanted to make the church his family mausoleum. The interior of the church has a very simple painted design consisting of three basic shapes—the circle, the square, and the spoked wheel. Each of these elements is repeated to form the designs in the church.
Amy Altman

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