Monday, February 5, 2007

Ponte Vecchio


The Ponte Vecchio, located in Florence, Italy, was designed by architect Taddeo Gaddi in 1345. The bridge was believed to be built out of wood in Roman times and rebuilt in stone by Gaddi. Many bridges of this kind have been banned or destroyed, but the Ponte Vecchio has survived through the years. This Medieval bridge over the Arno River is made up of a row of jewelry stores half hanging of its edges. These shops were originally workshops for tradesmen who required the use of water. One of whom is the goldsmith who still remains there today as the major attraction to the bridge. These fine jewelry sold in these stores is not cheep, but the shops contain a great variety of beautiful pieces. And if you aren't looking for jewelry, the open arches halfway down the bridge provide for an amazing view of the river.

Mandy Hayden

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