Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Piano's KPN Tower

Situated on an island in Rotterdam, Renzo Piano’s KPN Tower rises 130 meters high from the level terrain. Aiding in the revitalization of the area after the devastating bombings of World War II, this newly constructed media tower provides new office space for a telecom company. However, the main focus of the structure is the visually intriguing front façade. About 900 small green pixilated screens cover the exterior entry wall with sophisticated placement. Throughout the day, various images and patterns are formed from the arrangement of glowing green squares. This well executed motion of light can undoubtedly hold one’s attention for hours. In order to extenuate the verticality of the tower, the structure is composed of three elements. Each section provides a change in material and size. If the building proves successful over the next few decades, the city hopes that the KPN Tower inspires the development of Rotterdam’s skyline for the future.

Patrick Lee

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