Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Marlies Rohner 2001 Exhibition Houses, Almere, Netherlands

Marlies Rohmer's Exhibition Houses, built for Expo 2001 in Almere, in the Netherlands, were an effort to give individual consumers a great deal of choice with respect to the design of their homes. The units offered a living space that could be easily customized by residents who might otherwise have been unable to design and build a more traditional home for themselves. In order to do this, each house was separated into two distinct parts: 1) a slate-shingled tower that contains the kitchen, bathroom, and vertical circulation, and 2) a metal-clad box that could be left open or subdivided into rooms to suit the needs of the individual occupants. The tower elements are the same size from unit to unit, producing an easily recognizable rhythm to the project, while the differently-sized metal box elements introduce a variety that is reinforced by how the articulated metal screening elements of each unit are positioned over time by the occupants. The total area of the project is 2,824 sq. meters and the total cost was 2,040,000 euros.

Clinton Riddle

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