Monday, February 19, 2007

Milan's Duomo

If you are ever in Milan, be sure not to miss seeing the Duomo. This fabulous church is a must-see even if you are not an architecture major. It is made of beautiful native pink marble that is elegantly and intricately sculpted on the outside, and the gothic stained glass windows and beautiful interior sculptures make it one of the most elegant churches that I have seen yet. The dark, almost smokey interior makes the internal environment mystical and somehow divine, and it is something that you really must experience to fully appreciate. It was started in the 1300s, and although it took about 500 years to complete, it was worth the extended effort; it is a source of pride for the Milanese people, and represents a great example of gothic architecture. Although the building was under renovations and partially covered by scaffolding in January of 2007, it is scheduled to be fully renovated later in 2007; so if you are ever in Milan, be sure to stop by this incredible church.

Janis Fowler

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