Monday, February 19, 2007

Italy: Black and White

Ansel Adams was a 20th Century photographer, well known for his black and white, natural photography. Adams spent many years of his life in California's Yosemite National Park, the site of his first acknowledged masterpiece: Monolith, the Face of the Half Dome (1927). In trying to mimic Adams' style, I have taken a similar photograph in Rome. In this picture, I have zoomed out on the building to capture its entire size. I have also off-centered the subject to let the eyes wander to the sky and surrounding buildings which further emphasize the building's shape and size. In the next example, I've immitated Adams' picture of Loyal Japanese Americans in an Internment Camp by focusing on the lines that are created by the crops. I took a similar picture in Siena, where the Campo's radiating lines indicate the space's depth. Finally, the last picture I have taken at Florence's Duomo is analogous to Adams' photo of Church, Taos, Pueblo (1942). Here, the shadows, repetition of elements, and frame-effect of the doorway are very similar to the model photograph.
Rome, Siena, Florence
Photography on Left by Ansel Adams
Greg Scarmo

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