Monday, February 12, 2007

Lake Brienzersee

Lake Brienzersee, Interlaken, Switzerland

Lake Brienzersee, also know as Lake Brienz, is near the towns of Interlaken, Matten, and Unterseen, Switzerland. The lake is just north of the Alps. The river Aare connects Lake Brienzersee with Lake Thunersee, also know as Lake Thun. Lake Brienzersee is approximately 14 km long and 2.8 km wide with a maximum depth of up to 261 m. The average depth is about 173m, and it holds up to 5.17 km cubed of water in volume. This lake has been the home for passenger ships since 1839.

This lake has some of the bluest water and has an amazing view. It lies just past the Interlaken OST train station, and is well worth the walk down to it. The Alps frame this lake, leaving a mirrored image of them and giving it a picturesque view.

Allison Spiker

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