Thursday, February 8, 2007

Interior Desk, Lobby of Radisson SAS Hotel, Rome

On the way back to our own personal hotel in Rome, I stumbled upon a amazing interior space designed by King Roselli Architetti, in the lobby of the Radisson SAS hotel. King Roselli Architetti, is an italian architecture and design studio based out of Rome, Italy. They are concerned with the conception, development and realisation of projects which range from new buildings to designed objects. These intricate desk are contructed with a delicate metal structural skeleton made entirely out of curved metal pieces. Metallic skeleton is then skinned with a white nylon fabric with interior lighting. The functional desk component is satisfied by an attachment of then marble slabs to create minimal surface area needed to function successfully. The marble floors accentuate the desk as the light reflects on the surface, projecting the fluid form and structural shadows across the entire lobby area. As I found out later, King Roselli Architetti actually did the entire interior of the building including: rooftop pool, two bars, lounge, and all of the actual hotel rooms. More information about this italian studio found at; more information about the hotel found at

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