Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Castel Dragone in Camogli

Name: Castel Dragone
Posted by: Clinton Riddle

Location: Camogli, Italy

Little is known about the early history of Castel Dragone in Camogli. Its oldest walls, however are believed to have been built around 1130. Measures were taken during the first decades of the 15th century to renovate the fortress, and during the course of the 16th century, Castel Dragone was retrofitted once again due to the increasingly threatening presence of privateers along the Ligurian coast.

In 1800, after this period of danger passed, the fortress became a center for local assembly meetings as well as the place where Camogli's local bands met for rehearsals. During part of the 20th century, a small aquarium existed within the complex, but this closed in 1998. Today, the interior is closed to visitors, but the terrace between the fort and La Basilica Dell' Assunta can be accessed to allow for a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea.

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