Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Brunelleschi's Baptistery Doors - Roni Horn Style

The New York based photographer, Roni Horn, is well-known for focusing on an instantaneous moment in time in her photos. Usually concentrating on the human subject, Horn presents a series of expressions an individual displays over the course of a very short time period. Her desire is for the viewer to notice the fact that the same subject appears extremely different when photographed at various instants. Since Horn's technique is so provocative, I attempted to utilize her type of photography when developing my own images. While in Florence, I realized that the doors of the Baptistery are experienced differently depending on the time of day. In order to create the sequence of pictures that Horn illustrates so eloquently, I photographed Brunelleschi's famous door panels at numerous times during the course of the day. The discrepancy between each photo occurs not only due to the amount of sunlight, but also the amount of visitors within the field of vision. Every aspect of the photo affects the experience of the viewer when surveying architecture. Just as Roni Horn suggests in her work, understanding the affect of capturing the same image multiple times is crucial to fully appreciating the subject matter.
Patrick Lee

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